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Meet Musho

Your Design Secret Weapon

Write a prompt, and watch as a dev-ready masterpiece appears in your Figma canvas that will get you thinking, “Wait... RIP designers?”

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Don’t worry... we won’t tell anyone your little AI secret.
A Frame from the X Video by Pablo
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A puppy Spa.
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A creative design studio
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A puppy spa.
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A creative design studio.
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A picture of a dog with its mouth open.A couple of people sitting at a table.A picture of a dog with its mouth open.A couple of people sitting at a table.

A match made in heaven

AI + Beautiful Hand-Crafted Design Blocks

With Musho, you're the creative boss and we're your (slightly overqualified) robot sidekicks. We do most of the UI heavy work, you add the finishing touches.


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This mumble jumbo has a ton of keywords for Google's SEO bots, written by ChatGPT:

AI-Powered Figma Plugin for Designers: Create Stunning Landing Pages with Musho.

Discover the future of AI in design with Musho, a Figma Plugin (Webflow, Express, and Canva coming soon), creating dev-ready components and landing page designs that are both stunning and functional. With Musho's design automation, you can effortlessly turn a simple prompt into a masterpiece that includes variables, text-styles, components (coming soon), and responsive design blocks. This will allow you to add your unique touch to Musho's AI-generated outputs. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to a time-saving design tool that integrates seamlessly into your Figma workspace.

Ok, now that the robots have talked to each other, back to our scheduled programming.